Market Guidelines
River Park at Frisbee Landing* 1 River Rd* Cromwell CT 06416
Telephone: (860) 614-8727
E-Mail: * Facebook/CromwellFarmersMarket
 Cromwell Farmers Market Rules to follow
1. The Cromwell Farmers Market was created and is run by the Polke Family, Market Master Heather Polke along with her husband Jeff Polke and their 3 children. The Cromwell Farmers is a CT certified market. The market is nestled on our Beautiful Waterfront located at Frisbee Park with easy on/ off access to and from RT 9. The goal we have as a Market is to provide fresh locally grown food to our community and help support local farms and creative artisans.
2.Obligations of Market Vendors per Government agencies. CFM Vendors must comply with our state and towns regulations they are as follows. Vendors must bear a CT Dept. of consumer affairs seal on their scales. Responsibility of collecting sales tax falls on each Vendor NOT the CFM. Sales Tax must be included upon signing up to attend the Market as well as have it readily available at your booth. Vendors must follow State and local health agencies rules and regulations. Vendors who are selling food must register with Cromwell’s Health Dept. Vendors wishing to provide samples must contact Cromwell’s Health Dept. to find out what the requirements are?
3. The Market is held on Towns Property there is no solicitation of any kind if it is brought to our attention we will look into the matter and decide if you will be able to continue with us moving forward?
4. Who can sell at our Market? Only CT Farms and Vendors we will allow guest vendors outside of CT Farms though have to be from CT and have been approved by the Market Master are allowed to sell at our Market. We are looking for Local and unique and love to help promote everyone big and small. We will not permit any solicitors ever.
5.The Procedure for becoming a Vendor. Vendors are required by CFM to submit an application to  Market Master Heather Polke, this will include:
Description of your products to be sold along with the following information:
CT Sales Tax Permit (If applicable)
Health Dept. Permit (if applicable)
Photos or products sold by (local artisans only)
Payment for designated Vendor Fee, checks made payable to Cromwell Farmers Market.
Certificate of product liability insurance
All applications for full season must be filled out include all appropriate documentation and approved by May 1st all other Vendors must follow all procedures above except we need to receive 2 weeks prior to the date you would like to showcase at? All fees are NON-refundable. CFM has the right to rent tables on a weekly basis for guest vendors. CFM has the right to refuse any application with the idea of applicant not be suitable fit for our market.
6. Items we allow to be sold at our Market:
Farmers may sell produce and plant material for food, live ornamental plants, Food and fiber derived from Farm raised animals for those purposes. All items must be CT grown and CT produced owned or leased by a farmer. The farm must be located in CT plants and animals must be raised in CT along with produce grown in CT.
Breakdown: Produce, Fruit, Eggs, Meats, Plants, Jams/Jellies, Baked Goods, Cheese, Breads, Dairy, Seafood, Local Beer/Wine, Sauces, Pastas, Oils, Herbs, Honey, Pickles, Maple Syrup, Coffee and so much more…
7. Artisans must only sell items they create at home or in a studio located in CT, Out of State Artisans will only be allowed to be a Guest vendor. If they consist of food items they must be labeled accordingly and follow our towns health Dept. guidelines if you are offering tastings.
Breakdown: Soaps, clothing, scarves, natural home products, jewelry, photography, woodworking, eclectic works, furniture and so much more (If it’s handmade) we would LOVE to consider it for our Market…Artists must provide photos of their craft prior to approval. Please submit photos to
Attention: Heather Polke
8. We want to make sure we keep our market fun and fresh from week to week. If a vendor decides to add a category that comes from an outside source but is made in CT please let us know a week prior to bringing to the Market. Also make sure to include the origin of the items in case the Market is asked.
Artisan Food Sellers may sell their CT made items but they must be fresh and have the highest of quality and marked accordingly due to allergies follow all applicable regulations.
9. Hours of operation. Fridays summer months June through September from 4:00-7:00. Set up: Vendor gate opens at 2:00 and Closes at 3:45 If you need more time or are stuck in traffic contact our Market Master Heather Polke (860) 614-8727 be ready to sell by 4:00 and be packed up and out no later than 7:45pm leaving  your space  exactly how you found it CLEAN…
10. Vendor space is 10x10 minimum if you need dbl the space it will cost an additional fee of $50 for the season. These spaces are assigned first come first serve and based on your arrival time Vehicles are NOT allowed on the parks lawn due to irrigation but your vehicle will be with you at all times easy loading and unloading.. Everything that comes onto your space must be taken away from your space at the end of each night. This includes any packaging materials.
11. All tents must be securely anchored at all times (NO STAKES) you must use weights due to irrigation on the property. There is absolutely NO SMOKING at the Market.
12.Vendors are responsible to attend weekly in case of absence, Vendors must contact the Market Master in advance (860) 614-8727 or via email
Vendors cannot share a space with other Vendors if they are selling different items and have different business names.
13. The market is open rain or shine if we are in for severe weather (Thunderstorms and heavy Rain) the Market will be closed for that day. The Market Master reserves the right to cancel the Market in events of an emergency.
14. Weekly attendance is Mandatory more than 3 absences qualifies for your forfeit of your space. If Vendor has planned event and can’t make a week please contact us 1 week prior to the absent date.
15. All insurance must be up to date including product liability this is the vendor’s responsibility to provide. A certificate of $300,000 minimum liability insurance is required. Cromwell Farmers Market and Our Market Master assume no liability for loss or injury caused by products sold by any vendor at anytime.
16. This Market is geared for our community and families are a big part of that. We ask that you refrain from any profanities or abusive behavior for this will NOT be tolerated. Vendors who don’t follow these rules will be asked to leave the Market and lose their fee and space.
17.The Market Master will act as the head contact for the duration of the Market she will be the point of contact for all vendors, you will provide her with all necessary paperwork and fees. Heather Polke is committed to create a Market for everyone to enjoy and a place for Vendors to come together and sell their goods. We want you to be successful
18. Every week as a Vendor you will offer a “Friend of the Market” Discount to any customer wearing a Friends of the Market pin, you pick and choose what it will be. We will provide you a Card at the start of each Market when you arrive; you are in charge of bringing a dry erase Marker and Display the card at your booth. Please change your sale every week. Please email me by Wednesday of each week so I can announce the specials on our Website, Facebook and Twitter what your booth will be offering
Cromwell Farmers Market is a Certitified Connecticut Grown and Produced Farmers and Artisan market…
Any questions contact our Market Master:
Heather Polke (860) 614-8727 or